Forias: Do leg elevation pillows work?[Wedge Pillow]


Forias: Do leg elevation pillows work?[Wedge Pillow]

Proper use of leg elevation pillows can prevent varicose veins. 20~30 minutes before going to bed, lie on the bed, and put a cushion or pillow under your feet, with the help of gravity, the blood in the legs can flow back to the heart more easily, accelerating the blood circulation in the legs, effectively eliminate the fatigue substances accumulated in the legs, lactic acid, and relax the legs Muscles, help to eliminate edema. People who exercise regularly can also consider using leg wedge pillows while sleeping to prevent cramps.

It should be noted that the height of the leg elevation pillows should be 6”-10”, and the leg elevation pillows of 8” are the best, too high will compress the blood vessels at the root of the thigh, and the effect will be counterproductive, especially for patients with high blood pressure, it is best to lower it appropriately High, otherwise, it will cause headaches due to the rapid return of blood.

  1. When patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases sleep, they can properly elevate their calves and use leg elevation pillows to make them slightly higher than the level of the heart, which is conducive to the improvement of microcirculation;
  2. When sleeping at night, consider buying leg elevation pillows to raise your feet to prevent cramps.
  3. Leg elevation pillows can be used when sitting and resting or lying down to sleep. Elevating the feet will help blood flow back and relieve the symptoms of edema.
  4. When sleeping, if you consider using leg elevation pillows, slightly raising your feet can increase the efficiency of uric acid metabolism.
  5. When sleeping, the leg elevation pillows can keep the lower limbs slightly elevated, so that the legs can be fully relaxed, to achieve the purpose of blood return, and to improve blood circulation.
  6. It is good to use leg wedge pillows for some special cases. For example, jobs that require long standing, traffic police, teachers, outdoor workers, workers who walk for a long time, and patients with varicose veins in the lower extremities. Because they tend to cause venous vasodilation in the lower extremities, blood tends to accumulate in the lower extremities. By using leg elevation pillows, the blood can be fully returned to the heart, which is beneficial to the fatigue recovery of the lower limbs.
  7. In addition, people with frequent leg cramps can prevent cramps by elevating their feet during sleep at night.
  8. Experts point out that normal people do not need to elevate their feet when sleeping, because this will increase the pressure on the heart and hypoxia in the lower extremities for a long time, which is not good for the body. Usually, you only need to keep your body relaxed when you sleep.

The advantages of leg pillows are many, but they are not suitable for everyone. If you have cardiovascular disease, try not to sleep with your legs elevated, because most heart diseases are prone to attack at night. If you sleep in this position, It may lead to severe ischemia of the heart. The height of the lower limbs is higher than the heart so that the blood return is less, the burden on the heart is heavier, and the oxygen consumption of the heart muscle is increased. Therefore, patients with cardiovascular disease should try not to sleep like this. It is safer to sleep with your head up and your feet down.

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