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Acid reflux is also a digestive tract disease. Acid reflux is an esophageal inflammatory lesion caused by the reflux of stomach and duodenal contents into the esophagus, which is manifested as esophageal mucosal damage under endoscopy, that is, esophageal erosion and/or esophageal ulcer. If you suffer from acid reflux and are looking for a long, peaceful sleep every night, a good start is finding a good wedge pillow, with so many different types of pillows to choose from, it can sometimes be hard to know where to start if you find yourself feeling sore at night, a firmer pillow is usually better for your neck, back, and shoulders, or you can try a wedge pillow for extra support and comfort.

wedge pillow

Let me tell you how to sleep on a wedge pillow for acid reflux.

First: the wedge pillow for sleeping can be properly raised so that raising the head and neck can effectively reduce the reflux caused by bed rest.

Second: According to the time law of food digestion, don’t lie down immediately after eating, and don’t eat two hours before going to bed at night, let alone eat while lying down.

Third: Develop a healthy lifestyle, quit smoking and limit alcohol, do not drink foods with cocoa ingredients such as strong tea and coffee, and obese people should actively lose weight. These are all factors that can reduce reflux symptoms.

To promote the peristaltic emptying function of the digestive tract and reduce the time that food stays in the esophagus, some drugs that promote gastrointestinal motility can be taken.

The correct posture for acid reflux sleeping is to sleep on the side and use a wedge pillow with a height of 15-20 cm. However, if patients have cervical spondylosis, they should be alert to the aggravation of cervical spondylosis. The most important thing for acid reflux is to adjust the lifestyle and drug treatment according to the doctor's advice.

The correct posture for acid reflux sleep:

  1. Sleep on your side:

The correct posture for acid reflux sleep is recommended to sleep on the side, which will reduce the increase in intra-abdominal pressure, and the gastric liquid is not easy to reflux to the esophagus in the left lateral position, which can effectively avoid acid reflux.

  1. Use wedge pillow

Acid reflux can use a wedge pillow with a height of 15-20 cm before going to bed, which can reduce the recumbency and nighttime reflux. When sleeping, the feet are high and the head is low, which can effectively slow down the esophageal reflux.

Causes of Acid reflux:

Acid reflux is an esophageal disease caused by food reflux due to the weakened digestive function of the stomach. Food in the stomach refluxes into the esophagus, causing damage to the esophageal mucosa. Habits have a lot to do with it.

Notes on Acid reflux:

  1. In ordinary life, try to avoid pressing on the stomach and reduce bending movements.
  2. When sleeping, it is best not to sleep on your stomach, or your right side, as it is easy to press on your stomach.
  3. Pay attention to daily eating habits and eat more digestible and easily absorbed foods. Avoid overeating and reduce high-sugar and high-fat intake.

The clinical manifestations of acid reflux mainly include retrosternal discomfort, retrosternal obstruction, chest pain, acid reflux, belching, bloating, stomach pain, foreign body sensation in the pharynx, cough, etc. If the above symptoms occur, acid reflux is likely to occur. At the same time, it is necessary to exclude lung and heart diseases, such as angina pectoris with similar symptoms, which may present clinical manifestations of retrosternal discomfort and retrosternal pain. Therefore, for patients with the above clinical manifestations, the wedge pillow cannot effectively treat the disease and should go to the hospital for related diagnosis and treatment.

Reflux esophagitis, I have been sick for almost a year, I have seen countless doctors, and I will share some good advice with you...  

  1. Use two bricks on each side of the bed to raise the head of the bed. After raising it, you can sleep without a pillow.
  2. Eat liquid food. Generally, people suffering from this disease have a weak spleen and stomach. You can drink more millet and yam porridge, eat more light noodles, avoid chili, do not eat fried and cold food, and drink less water after eating steamed bread, steamed buns will swell in contact with water, and steamed rice should be eaten less, which is not easy to digest
  3. Try not to eat or drink some porridge four hours before going to bed, and don’t take a nap immediately after eating at noon
  4. Exercise more, you can walk slowly after meals, exercise in the morning and evening, and keep your mood happy
  5. No matter what medicine, you must insist on taking it, not intermittently. 
  6. Friends who have a bad stomach suggest going to the hospital to check (Helicobacter pylori). If you are infected with this bacteria, you must cure this first, otherwise the stomach disease will be difficult to heal.
  7. Helicobacter pylori is highly contagious. Those with a bad stomach try not to eat out as much as possible. Many people are infected with this that they don’t even know about.

Sleep on a good wedge pillow for acid reflux, supporting the head or back with a wedge-shaped pillow when sitting or lying down, and supporting the back or abdomen with a pillow when lying on your side, can effectively relieve acid reflux.

Wedge pillows are convenient because they're small and portable, but chances are you'll also need a soft headrest to protect your cervical spine. You can choose forias 3 in 1 wedge pillow, whichever you prefer, different shapes are the same.


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