What do you need to know before purchasing memory foam wedge pillows( 2022 NEW)

Wedge pillow also known as triangle pillow wedge, is a more popular pillow variety in recent years for medical purposes, such as after surgery pillow, acid reflux pillow, sleep apnea pillow, bed wedge pillow, etc. It evolves from the right triangle and uses the principle of artificial mechanics to regulate the contact point of the human body, seats, and beds to obtain more comfortable angles to reduce fatigue. Because the wedge pillow is convenient and flexible, it is convenient for people to use on various occasions. Especially on beds, sofas, and office seats in bedrooms.
The wedge pillow is also called a triangular pillow for its triangular design, which makes it more versatile. Memory foam is the most popular material for wedge pillows, by elevating the upper or lower body while maintaining its shape. If you are in trouble in pain and discomfort caused by acid reflux, snoring, surgery pain, or sleep apnea that disturbs you the whole night. A wedge pillow may be a good helper for you!
Generally speaking, the height of wedge pillows is 7 to 12 inches. Farias memory foam wedge pillows are made of 1.5" pressure-relieving memory foam and 10.5" high-density supportive foam, 12inch enlarged size wedge pillow not only provides the head back neck leg with support and comfort but also gives sleepers plenty of space to sit up and read or watch television in bed. What's more, they can also be used to elevate their legs and help improve circulation.
Last, If you want to know more about wedge pillows, please pay attention to our blog and contact us directly and ask your questions, and we will answer them for you.
There are many medical uses of wedge pillows for patients from daily physical therapy to post-surgery recover, below are some  typical scenarios and functions of wedge pillows:
1, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disorder (GERD)
2, Snoring Relief
3, Sinus Problems
4, Relief Muscle Tension
5, Neck & Back pain relief
6, Quelling Heartburn
7, Sleeping Apnea
8, Reading & Relaxation
9, Post Surgery Recovery
10, Reducing Congestion
11, Improving Circulation
Before purchasing a wedge pillow for sleeping, apart from above knowledge, you also need to select the height and size of the wedge pillow depends on your personal size and weight. Each person has a different degree of sense of the soft and hardness of the triangular pads. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose the appropriate size according to their own needs.


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