For What Kinds of Medical Conditions, a Sleeping Wedge Pillow can be Used? [2022 New]


For What Kinds of Medical Conditions, a Sleeping Wedge Pillow can be Used?

Hospitals have long used adjustable beds to assist patients in finding a healthier, more comfortable sleeping position. During sleep, elevating the head and legs provides assistance for a variety of medical conditions, including snoring, sleep apnea, low back pain, poor circulation, and GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease).

However, the advantages of head and leg articulation can be enjoyed by using a sleeping wedge pillow to get better sleep and to get rid of a few medical conditions.

A triangular pillow called a sleeping wedge pillow is used to raise the head slightly. This can lessen edema, neck and back pain, congestion, and acid reflux.  Sleeping wedge pillows may also be positioned beneath the knees for persons who have back issues.

 Sleeping Wedge Pillow and its Use:

A sleeping wedge pillow is a triangular pillow that forms an angle between 20 and 40 degrees and is often constructed of foam that is relatively firm. A wedge can raise the head 6 to 8 inches, which can be helpful if you snore, experience frequent acid reflux, develop swollen ankles, or have another disease that gets worse by lying down sleeping on your back.

 Medical Conditions in Which Sleeping Wedge Pillow should Use

A lightweight and versatile sleeping wedge pillow can be an affordable and convenient alternative to other measures for increasing head-of-bed elevation, including risers/adjustable beds.

If you have the following medical conditions, consider the use of a sleeping wedge pillow because it helps eliminate the symptoms of the following ailments.

Acid Reflux/GERD

When the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) is under pressure from acid reflux, digestive acids can leak from the stomach into the esophagus. Reflux is typically more problematic when you're on your back and sleeping at night

  A sleeping wedge pillow helps in preventing acid reflux. Acid reflux wedge pillow and gravity prevent the backward passage of stomach acids when your head and upper body are slightly elevated. According to research, GERD sufferers who sleep in this position experience much fewer and shorter reflux episodes, faster acid clearance, and fewer reflux symptoms.

 Snoring and Sleep Apnea

 Wedge pillows for snoring help out many patients with sleep apnea symptoms. When sleeping in a semi-upright position, people with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA, which causes breathing to stop intermittently while they sleep) frequently experience better health.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, snoring affects 45 percent of adults and 50 percent of those who snore do so because of sleep apnea. Use of a sleeping wedge pillow can help in eliminating the sleep apnea symptoms.


According to anecdotal evidence, a sleeping wedge pillow may relieve overnight congestion brought on by a cold, allergies, chronic sinusitis, or pregnant rhinitis.

Gravity helps your sinuses discharge when you're standing up. You may require a sleeping wedge pillow to help you breathe comfortably and return to your natural side.

 Neck and Back Pain

The cervical spine, which consists of the vertebrae that make up the neck, can be relieved of pressure with the aid of a sleeping wedge pillow. The pillow must be turned so that the lower end faces the headboard, and the higher end is used to support your neck while you are lying on your side or back.

Placing the thick edge of a wedge pillow between your knees while lying on your side can help relieve lower back discomfort from a swollen or compressed nerve.

In late pregnancy, a sleeping wedge pillow positioned between the knees can be beneficial for reducing low back pain. Additionally, you can use it to support your lower legs to lessen ankle edema.

Some people find two sleeping wedge pillows more effective than one supporting their backs. One wedge pillow with tapered ends facing each other should be placed at the upper end of the bed and another at the lower end.


The elevation is frequently advised for edema or inflammation brought on by an operation, an injury, or a chronic condition. When you're lying down, a sleeping wedge pillow can help you comfortably raise swollen body regions.

For instance, while resting on your back, lift your knee by placing the wedge's thick end under it. The thick edge could also be positioned beneath your feet if you have swelling calves, ankles, or feet.

Additionally, it can aid with fluid retention brought on by pregnancy or prolonged sitting.

Other than a typical wedge, a few specialized sleeping wedge pillows have a slight incline up to a flat area where your lower legs and feet rest.


This eye disorder causes intraocular pressure (IOP), which is caused by extra fluid in the eyes, to rise. Keep IOP low since high levels can harm the optic nerve and impair vision.

According to a research, a sleeping wedge pillow used to sleep with the head elevated a 20-degree wedge pillow can minimize IOP.

What to check out while getting a Sleeping Wedge Pillow for a Medical Condition

What you'll use your sleeping wedge pillow for will determine what you need from it. Find out from your healthcare professional what size angle is best for you and your situation. A wider angle may be better for knee support, sleep apnea, acid reflux, and GERD, while a smaller angle may be better for back problems and glaucoma.

Additionally, inquire about the proper firmness since different fabrics vary in support. The majority of wedge pillows are coated in soft material and constructed of foam (or a variety of foams). Check the ingredients if you have allergies. You may purchase pillow covers for sleeping wedge pillows to keep yours clean and allergen-free. What’s more, if you want versatile and light weighted sleeping wedge pillow, then do not miss out the visit at to get medical wedge pillows.

 Use of Sleeping Wedge Pillow for Healthy Individuals:

So far, it has been described the use of a sleeping wedge pillow if you are suffering from any serious medical conditions. But what for those who are healthy individuals, and how can they enjoy this luxurious sleeping wedge pillow? So, here few amazing health benefits are described for using the sleeping wedge pillow.

  • Upright Recline: The wide end of a  sleeping wedge pillow can be laid flat on the mattress if you want to read or write in your journal while you're in bed. You can recline in an upright position while the cushion is in this position without placing strain on your neck or upper back.
  • Leg Flexibility for Back Sleepers: back sleepers might place a wedge pillow under their knees to ease the strain on the lower back and promote complete muscle relaxation. Lifting the legs as you sleep improves blood flow, which reduces swelling in the legs and feet and delays the development of varicose veins. Improved circulation also aids in the healing and rehabilitation process for people with heart disease and other medical conditions.
  • Lap Positioning: A sleeping wedge pillow can be utilized as a makeshift workstation if you find yourself having to work in bed. The laptop or tablet can then be propped up against the wedge pillow for convenient access and to reduce wrist fatigue.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How High Should Your Bed be Raised If You Have GERD?

For those who have GERD, a sleeping wedge pillow or an adjustable bed with a 35–45 degree tilt is recommended. With this elevation, stomach acid is kept down and out of the throat. Lower inclination wedge pillows could not offer the same level of comfort as those with medium to high incline.

Do You Use a Regular Pillow With a Wedge Pillow?

It is best to utilize a sleeping wedge pillow rather than in conjunction with another pillow. It may become unstable and cause sleepers to roll off if another pillow is placed on top of or below the wedge pillow. This type of use of two pillows may also force the head and neck of the sleeper too far forward.

The Bottom Line

There are various advantages of sleeping with your head and legs up. A sleeping wedge pillow is best to enhance your sleeping position and achieve better sleep if you have sleep apnea, snoring, acid reflux, lower back pain, or poor circulation.

Additionally, sleeping wedge pillows are readily available, strong, and reasonably priced at Forias.

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