Forias : What's the Benefit of Sleeping with A Wedge Pillow? 【2022】


A good day starts with a great night’s sleep! Wedge pillows are often recommended to solve some sleep problems, such as acid reflux. 20 to 30-degree incline helps acidic substances back into the stomach, instead of staying in the throat while reducing the pressure on the head. Especially for people with colds, it can help you get better sleep.

While some people simply enjoy the comfortable feeling of wedge pillows, most sleepers end up selecting one for a specific health reason. There are incredible benefits to using a wedge pillow, making it so popular with consumers.

 Acid Reflux/GERD/Heartburn

Most people will experience heartburn or acid reflux, from the stomach to mouth and throat, causing heart disease attacks, which are usually fatal. In addition, long-term acid reflux can cause esophageal inflammation. Esophagitis makes it difficult or painful to eat or sleep. Doctors suggest that people with acid reflux can use wedge pillows to treat them Sleeping with a wedge upper your body in an elevated position, can help relieve the symptoms of acid reflux and heartburn, greatly reducing the risks from the medicine.

Sleep Apnea/Snoring

When the tissue vibrates in the nose and throat, it will produce a disturbing sound, that is snoring and even causes sleep apnea. When you use a wedge pillow to upper your body can prevent the air from blocking, keeping the air open and flowing freely, which will help prevent respiratory interruption and minimize snoring and bad sleeping habits. Sleep researchers have tested and verified that wedge pillows play an important role in preventing sleep apnea and reducing snoring.

Back/Shoulder/Neck Pain

When you are struggling with back pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain, it is impossible to get a good night's sleep, your body needs the right support without further delay. Use a wedge pillow to provide the necessary support for the lumbar and cervical spine to relieve pain and stress. Putting the wedge under the knee can put the spine in a neutral position to reduce the pressure on the back, shoulders, and neck. For those who seek to minimize their backs and shoulders and neck pressure, the processing capacity of this product is worth considering.

Nighttime Asthma

For those suffering from nighttime asthma, which can lead to difficulty breathing and mucus build-up. Sleeping on an incline wedge pillow could help stave off asthma triggers by keeping your airways more open, as well as prevent blood from pooling in the lungs.

Post-operative Care

Doctors often recommend wedge pillows among patients who have recently undergone surgery to help transition from the adjustable hospital beds to adjust their position at home. It can reduce the swelling and pain in the sensitive joint area. However, it is best to contact your doctor before using a wedge after surgery.

Leg Swelling/Stiffness

Leg swelling or inflammation caused by surgery, injury, or chronic diseases, wedge pillows can help you lie comfortably for the best care of your injured body part. For example, to raise your knees, put the wedge pillow's thick end under your knees when lying on your back. You can also put thick edges under your feet to reduce your feet, ankle, or calf swelling! The incline of a wedge pillow can minimize your chance of waking with a stiff neck and/or sore shoulders and backs

Sinus Drainage/Congestion

When you're suffering from a sinus infection, the mucus in our sinuses cannot properly drain. Along with other remedies that include drinking water and inhaling steam, a wedge pillow also proves useful by experts and is often recommended for sleeping on an incline to prevent mucus from building up while also promoting sinus drainage. Evidence suggests that a wedge pillow may help with nighttime congestion, such as that due to a cold, allergies, chronic sinusitis, or pregnancy rhinitis, help reduce sinus congestion upon waking in the morning.

Pregnant Care

Pregnancy may cause edema in lower limbs due to legs and feet. This is because when the uterus is put on the pelvis it may cause the blood to recover from the legs and feet, and eventually collect the leg tissue to bleak. To reduce the risk, please use wedge pillows to raise your legs and improve blood circulation. For women who experience back pain at the same time, this position could help reduce discomfort greatly.

Improve Circulation

Placing the wedge pillow to the knee/leg can improve the leg blood circulation, reduce the varicose veins and relieve restless leg syndrome. Using regular pillows can easily create pressure on your airway. Those who suffer from respiratory issues like sleep apnea and asthma pose a significant danger to your sleep and health. Putting on the back can help treat pain and fatigued muscles, and prevent problems such as deep vein thrombosis and venous tension. Because of the increased blood circulation, your veins can easily transport blood from all body parts back to your heart.

Treats Indigestion

If you overeat or have dinner too close to bedtime, you are most likely to feel full quickly and cause abdominal discomfort! Using a wedge pillow to keep you more upright and elevated, has proved to be an easy and quick solution to treating indigestion. Interestingly research shows that it's easier for you to digest when lying on your left side and helps with acid reflux.

New Comfort Levels

Many people enjoy reading, watching, and working in bed, placing a wedge pillow behind your back can help keep your spine aligned for greater, as well as support all veins and arteries to transport blood and increase comfort by improving your body posture. Say no to these uncomfortable or low-quality mattresses.


Forias wedge pillow is responsive, versatile, and healthy for your sleep routine.

Give it a try and enjoy free shipping and returns!

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