What do You need to Know Before Buying a Wedge Pillow? [2022]


What do You need to Know Before Buying a Wedge Pillow? [2022]

Wedge pillows are special pillows that lift the top half of your body while you sleep which has become a valuable investment because it aims to help you rest easier if you have health issues, and they just may be your ticket to a better night's rest.

Every sleeper their own sleep preferences. This article will tell you what you need to know before buying a wedge pillow.


Most wedge pillows are made of foam or memory foam. Memory foam wedge pillows form to fit your shape and are preferable for side sleepers, and polyurethane foam wedges are best for back sleepers for better support of your back alignment. Some wedges are made of high-density foam with a softer memory foam top layer, providing more comfort and support for your sleep, which is the most popular choice for customers. Some wedges are cooling infused for someone who tends to sleep hot.


Wedge pillows can be in various sizes, standard, queen, large, or extra large. Wedge pillows are much larger than regular pillows, so fitting a wedge pillow to your bed should be taken into consideration first. Buying a medium-sized pillow is the best option.


Wedge pillows can be made to be soft, medium-firm o,r firm. However, it may be difficult to determine if the firmness is suitable for you without trying it by yourself! If you are a back sleeper, you should go for a firm one. Medium-firm wedge pillows are not too firm or too soft and better for side sleepers. Soft wedge pillows tend to be someone who pursues more comfort and a soft feel.

Washable Cover

Wedge pillowcases should be made of a soft, skin-friendly, and breathable fabric. At the same time, it can be removable and washable for the machine, hand or dry washing, which means that you can own a new and clean pillowcase for your face!


Wedge pillows are expensive compared to regular pillows. A high-quality memory foam wedge pillow will cost you between $50 to $100. Higher-priced wedges are often more durable, soft but supportive premium foam materials, or include some kind of cooling technology.

Incline and Height

Most wedge pillows are 30-degree or 45-degree incline and the height ranges from 7 to 12 inches.

30-degree incline can be used as a wedge pillow for legs to rest your legs and improve circulation

45-degree incline can be used as a wedge pillow for back when you sit up on your bed or sofa. Lower heights are better for sleeping(7 or 9 inches), which are proved to reduce acid reflux or snoring. Higher wedges (10 or 12 inches) are best for using under your knees and legs to relieve strain on your lower back, also comfortable as a backrest when sitting up in bed to read, write, or watch TV.


To better experience a wedge pillow, a detailed non-slip really makes the most of it. Non-slip bottom, you needn't worry that it will go away from your body when you sleep on it. A non-slip surface keeps you in the right position. No slip down, more stable sleep for a whole night


Since wedge pillows are bigger than regular pillows, they can be used on the bed or sofa. Just imagine, how can we put this big item from the bedroom to the living room flexibly? At this time, handle for carrying is a smart idea and really plays a key role. Take it anywhere you like!

Storage Pocket

Some wedge pillows feature with storage pockets which are an added bonus for remote controls and eyeglasses! You will thank you for this find! When you are tired of reading or watching, put your phones, eyeglasses, pens or any small items in these storage pockets, you won't forget it and can be found easily.


Different wedge pillows can serve different purposes depending on their shape. A standard wedge pillow is best for alleviating symptoms of heartburn, acid reflux, and sinus congestion by propping you up in an incline as well as making you sleep comfortably. Many doctors recommend using leg wedge pillows if you suffer from restless leg syndrome for they have a curve in the middle to prop up your leg to improve leg circulation and reduce varicose veins. If you love reading, watching, or working in bed or sofa, a large wedge may be a good pick! It can provide you with more space to support your back, and also can be used as a desk workstation!

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