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Tens muscle stimulation massager

Tens muscle stimulation massager

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1. Working principle

The rechargeable pulse massager adopts the physical massage principle of electronic acupuncture and uses low-frequency pulses to imitate the 16 basic techniques of acupuncture massage to quickly improve local blood circulation in the human body, promote metabolism, and have special effects on relieving fatigue and dissolving specific fat.

Function and effect: relieve fatigue, relieve muscle, soreness, neuralgia, etc., promote blood circulation in various massage parts, and continue to increase body immunity.

Second, the scope of use

(1) This product is mainly used for home electronic health massage to prevent family members from sub-healthy state. Secondly, it can also be used for auxiliary treatment of Chinese medicine acupuncture and massage.

(2) The scope of use of this product: homes, business gifts, shops, hotels, medical, offices, etc.


1. 20 minutes system default massage time, 10-60 minutes massage time can be adjusted

2. Rechargeable host, free choice of 16 massage modes

3.20 levels of intensity adjustment, dual-channel output interface, can independently adjust different massage methods and massage intensity


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